Shimmer Nail Polish Swatches and Review - Marilyn & Natalie

May 02, 2013

In today's post I'm going to show you two gorgeous polishes by Shimmer Polish. I bet most of you already know this awesome indie brand, I don't think that anyone who's into indie polishes haven't heard of it yet. :) I have a lot of Shimmer polishes to review for you, and I decided to start with these two. I adore the fact that the polishes are named after girly names, and the range is sooo large, so Shimmer probably has a polish with your name, and if not - you can customize the polish of your dream with your name. Aren't you curious to see how it will look like? :)
Be sure to check Shimmer shop on Etsy, and feel free to use this 10% discount code when you shop at their store: NAILZCRAZE (valid for a limited time).

First I want to show you the gorgeous Marilyn, it's a vampy burgundy glitter jelly. This one is really eye catching, I love how deep the color is, and the glitter is just fab! The coverage was really good with only two coats, and the formula was great as well. I applied one coat of Poshe top to smooth it out for the photos. This combination of the vampy jelly base with the sparkly glitter is just beautiful!

I was so happy and surprised to get this polish named Natalie! How cool is that? :) It's an interesting combination of various glitters, different sizes, shapes and colors (blue, green, orange). It has a bit gray tinted base, so I decided to layer it over a dark gray (with a hint of purple to it) by Bourjois - Bleu Asphalte (2 coats).
I really love this look over the gray base, I think it will look great over any dark base.
The formula was really nice, with one stroke I got a great coverage for the whole nailץ Since the bottle is packed with glitter, you don't need to work hard to get a gorgeous glitter covered look.
For the photos I used one coat of Shimmer Natalie over two coats of Bourjois Bleu Asphalte, no top coat.

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