El Corazon Fenechka № 423/122 & 423/124

August 13, 2013

While summer is still here, I decided it's a good time to create another neon combo and play with the beautiful El Corazon polishes from the Fenechka collection.
These are such pretty "glitter" polishes (it's always a bit odd for me to refer to this kind of matte glitter, as they don't sparkle, but still this is glitter I guess), their formula and application was a delight. Despite the creme-jelly formula these two have, I got a great coverage with just two coats. I thought about layering the yellow neon over a white base in case it will be too sheer, but I was happy to see it was great on it's own.

The two colors I chose for this fun manicure are El Corazon 423/122 - a yellow neon and 423/124 a pink neon, both polishes contain the same mix of black & white matte glitter, same as the rest of the Fenechka collection.
For the photos I applied two coats of each polish, and topped them with one coat of Poshe Top Coat.
I hope you'll like this bright neon mani!

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  1. Очень красиво, отличное сочетание!

  2. Beautiful pictures and loving the polishes!

  3. Really amazing pics! The polish shades are lovely also :)
    xx, moonchild beauty blog

  4. Великолепный дуэт!

  5. Oh my this is beautiful!! I knew after you showed the bottle shots of these polishes that I would love them they are just gorgeous! You nails look stunning lady! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures and polishes :D

  7. So pretty! I especially liked the pink!

  8. красивые ноготки! <3

  9. These are both so pretty and your nails look fantastic! How do you get your El Corazon polishes? I'd love to try a few but it doesn't seem like I can get them here in the US...

    1. El Corazon only well in Russia, I got some when I was in Saint Petersburg and I also received some polishes from the company for a review.