El Corazon Fireworks Collection sneak peek

August 16, 2013

Today I have another exciting post to share with you, featuring some breath-taking polishes by El Corazon from the Fireworks collection. There are just too amazing for words, I find it hard to describe how pretty they are and even pictures won't be able to capture their beauty.

El Corazon Fireworks collection includes 9 colors, all of these are equally gorgeous. They consist of a jelly formula, containing small holographic bar glitter which sparkle beautifully both in the sun and in shade. The four colors I received from the company for a review are all beautiful to my eyes, I find it hard to pick a favorite, and I'm sure you will love them as much as I do
I first saw this gorgeous collection first at Anna's blog, and it was hard to resist them. I can defiantly say it was love from first sight!
I was lucky to receive these four beautiful polishes for a review, and these are the colors in the pictures from Left to right: Fireworks fw-02 (Black), fw-05 (Blue toned purple), fw-06 (Red toned purple) and fw-03 (Berry).
I hope to share with you my swatches of these beautiful polishes soon!

Fireworks № fw-02

Fireworks № fw-05

Fireworks № fw-06

Fireworks № fw-03

Since it was hard to catch their beauty in still photos, I decided to make a short video with bottle shots of these four polishes so you can see how amazing the El Corazon Fireworks collection is in person.
Thank you for reading, hope you will enjoy this post and the video!

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  1. וואו הם מדהימים! הסרטון מהפנט........ אני יכולה לבהות בנצנצים האלה שעות :-P

  2. They remind me of Zoya's Ornate collection, only with bar glitters :)

  3. ואוו! כל כך יפים
    את יודעת אולי אם אפשר להשיג באינטרנט?

  4. they do look like fireworks :) looking forward to see them on your nails :D

  5. They look gorgeous! I am a little doubtful regarding bar glitter because it's something I usually dislike... but hopefully you'll make it work! :D

  6. Видео завораживает! Отличный обзор!!!

  7. They look gorgeous! Can't wait to see swatches! :D