One Stroke Flower Nail Art Attempt

August 01, 2013

I wanted to share with you my attempt to create one stroke flower nail art.
I've seen so many gorgeous manicures made with this technique by fellow bloggers like Radi D and Lucy's Stash, their designs are always perfect and it looks so easy when I followed their tutorials, but my attempts always failed and I never created something that I was satisfied with, until now.

Even though it seemed that practice didn't really help, because everything I tried to create on paper just didn't look right, somehow this worked really good for me from the frst try on the swatch stick. I don't know if it was just luck, or maybe the smooth surface of the nail polish helped with the technique?
I wanted to show you my result because I think it came out pretty nice. I drew these one stroke poppy flowers on a nude/beige background, and added some golden strokes to the design. I really love how delicate and neutral it looks.
I used acrylic pain over nail polish to create this design.

Now I just need to try and recreate this on my nails. Piece of cake, right? ;)
Wish me luck!

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  1. Lovely poppies, Natalie! Practice makes perfect ;)

  2. Очень удачная попытка! Очень красиве маки получились! Я тоже всегда любуюсь данной техникоу у Lucy's Stash. Теперь и ты будешь радовать такой красотой!
    Для меня это очень сложная техника. Мои попытки показывать еще очень рано))

  3. Your flowers are awesome! I suck at free hand anything! I need to work on that!