El Corazon - Bali Spa Oil & Glass Nail File

December 10, 2013

For me it is very important to keep my hands and cuticle moisturized all the time, especially during this cold climate which often leaves my skin very dry. Although I already have a couple favorite hand and cuticle care products, I am always looking to try new moisturizing prodtcs, and today I am going to share with you once of the recent additions to my nail care routine - Bali Spa Oil by El Corazon.

Bali Spa Oil is a rich and thick cuticle oil, enriched with vitamins and enzymes. The oil has a nice minty scent which I loved, and thanks to it's thick consistency it leaves the skin around the cuticle moisturized for a long time. This oil is thicker compared to other I've tried before (like OPI's and Essie's) but I think this allows it to stay on the skin for a longer time. I prefer to apply it before bed to avoid the oily feeling during the day when I have to use my hands (obviously).

After reading the instructions, I though this is a product that combines cuticle oil and some sort of cuticle remover, because the instruction were to push back the cuticles, then apply the oil and after a while to push them back again. But after using this product for the first time I realized that for me it mostly moisturized the cuticles and the nail bed. I did notice that the thin skin on the nail bed was less visible (because it was well moisturized) but I don't think this product will replace the cuticle remover I occasionally use. 
I have been using the Bali Spa Oil every day for the past week and I feel that it left my cuticles and skin very soft and moisturized, this tick and rich oil is exactly what I need to keep my nails and cuticles looking great during this season. I really liked this product, although it felt a bit too oily for me, but I find that it's best to apply it before bed to avoid this feeling and to get the nourishing effect overnight.

Another new product I got to try recently is this professional glass nail file from El Corazon. I have to admit, so far I have been using mostly cheap cardboard files, and they worked well for me. I decided that it would be nice to have a professional glass file in my nail acessory kit, and I'm glad I got to try it because I could actually feel the quality on my nails.

This is a high quality glass file with a fine grit on both sides and a pointy edge. There are several sizes and shapes of nails files that El Corazon offer to their customers, I chose the 135mm size which seemed to me very convenient size to carry in my makeup bag, yet large enough to use a professional nail file for a complete manicure.
Thanks to it's fine grit, I get a perfect and smooth finish while shaping my nails.
Another thing I like about this file it that it can be cleaned and completely sterilized (even in boiling water or rubbing alcohol). I think this is great because I always wash thoroughly my nail files after each use (which in most cases ruins the cardboard nail files I used so far, but not this one!).
For me this was another excellent product that I am happy to use each time.

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  1. I've heard a lot about it but never had a chance to try it. Need to put my hands on it, thank you for review!)

  2. I am in need of an oil that, my cuticles have been quite parched.
    Following ...

    1. Thanks for reading. Oil or any other cuticle moisturizer is really important during this time.

  3. Nice review, cuticle oil is a real "must have"! :-)

  4. Looks like a great product, I've been looking around for a good cuticle oil! And I really want to try a glass nail file now, I've been getting by with the cardboard ones but I hate that you can't wash them :P

  5. how can i order the file and the oil?