Pahlish Swatches & Review

December 22, 2013

In today's post I'm going to show you three lovely shades from the Fall 2013 collection by Pahlish, an indie nail polish brand based in North East Arkansas, USA.
This is my first time trying this brand and I was really excited about this trio. I felt that formula wise they were pretty nice and easy to apply, but I did ended up using three coats with all of them to get an even and full coverage, because of their jelly formula.
Overall I think these are great and interesting mixtures of color and glitter / flakes that I haven't seen before, so to my eyes these are very original and creative.
So let's get a better look at these colors!
L-R: Black Lace Elderberry, Fleur de Sel & Mountains Beyond Mountains.

Black Lace Elderberry - Vibrant purple jelly packed with red metallic flakes, small orange metallic glitter, and scattered holographic orange hex. (3 coats)
Well, you all know how much I love purple, so this one was really mesmerized me. It was hard to capture it's true color and how lovely it looked in real life, but trust me it's really gorgeous!
The jelly formula of this one was a bit on the sheer side, so even after three coats you can notice some bald areas on the nail, but that wasn't too bad at all. I think this one can look great on it's own and also with a matching color underneath. 
I really loved the original combination of orange and purple in this polish, I think it looks great and very unique.

Fleur de Sel - Blush white jelly with a mix of micro-flakes in red metallic, shimmering white, and iridescent violet. (3 coats)
This shade was sooo delicious, it looked like my nails were dipped in a yummy strawberry smoothie. This pale pinkish white was really pretty with the tiny reddish flakes, and it had a lovely pink shimmer to it which unfortunately didn't translate to the photos.

Mountains Beyond Mountains - Dusty grey jelly with faint red shimmer and a mix of sterling silver microflakes and charcoal flakies with blue and red iridescence. (3 coats)
Another favorite of mine, this gorgeous dusty grey was really fabulous and I loved how all the glitter particles in it combined to an interesting finish. It made me think of a wet asphalt on a rainy day, gloomy skies and rain. I love how a simple thing like nail polish can make you feel all sort of things, it's pretty amazing, isn't it?

I hope you liked my swatches and review of these shades, and if you would like to see more of this brand, head over to the Pahlish site for more gorgeous indie nail polish and the new Winter Collection.

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  1. особенно белый понравился!

  2. The Black Lace is superb! I love it!
    Your nails are gorgeous as always!

    Séfèrys Bolg | Séfèrys Channel | Séfèrys Fan Page | Instagram

  3. Mountains Beyond Mountains is stunning, love those glassfleck glitters!

    1. Thanks, it's really much more pretty in person

  4. How beautiful! I want these lacquers! Beautiful manicure

  5. Хочу все три! Очень понравились все три лака, даже не могу выбрать какой больше! Ты очень красиво их показала!

    1. Oh thanks Elena :) I'm glad you liked my swatches

  6. Oh my, these are all gorgeous!

  7. All of these are stunning! Great swatches :).