Hits Cutie Pie

December 15, 2013

Today I'm going to show you a gorgeous multichrome nail polish that I know you are going to love!
I had this post in my drafts for a long time, have no idea why it took me so long to write it, but today I'm finally publishing it, and I really hope you will like it. This post is extremely pic heavy so beware! ;)

This amazing multichrome nail polish was one of my first biggest lemmings, and of course I had to get it (but then it was forgotten in my untired drawer for a couple of months, lol I'm awful!). 
Hits Cutie Pie has this stunning multichrome effect with a wide color changing range that really impressed me in real life. 
This one is a real chameleon, and as you can see there are many photos in this post, and in each one of them it looks so different! Amazing, right?!

Hits Cutie Pie changes it's color from green, to blue, purple, pink and even orange in some angles. This one is just too amazing to describe in words.
The effect you see here is awesome, and I only layered one coat of Hits Cutie Pie over black, no top coat was applied, and it's just so shiny and perfect!

I had so much fun taking photos of this polish, and it was really interesting to find a new color in each photo. I have about 150 different photos of this nail polish in various angles and colors, and it was hard to pick only a few of them because I really wanted to show you how versatile this polish is.



I find that multichrome effect shows best in the shade, so it was actually good that I didn't have much light while I was taking photos of this polish, and the effect shows really well.
As you can see the range of colors is really great, but it was a bit hard for me to catch the orange shift on the nails, but you can see it clearly in the bottle. And I have to add and say this again, amazing! I was really impressed with this polish, I can't believe I didn't try it earlier. I have a couple more of Hits multichrome polishes to show you (somewhere in the near-far future) but I can't imagine anything beating this one, although they are all pretty.

I took another photo indoors with a low light, just to show you another side of this polish. It was mostly metallic/shimmery green and you can't see much of the color changing happening here, but still I can't complain because it was so gorgeous most of the time!

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  1. Oh. My. God! So beautiful, so pretty! One of the prettiest multichrome nail polish I ever saw!

  2. I love these pictures!
    They look beautiful and the polish looks great on your nails!

  3. WOW this is an amazing polish, your photos are so stunning and capture it beautifully

  4. פשוט וואו! [ואני לא אחת שמתלהבת מדואוכרומים בד"כ]

  5. Great nail polish and gorgeous fotos. Thanks for sharing such a beauty! :)))

  6. I could stare at your photos whole day..beautiful!

  7. Wow - this polish is gorgeous and you have beautiful nails!

  8. It is absolutely gorgeous! You did a great post, your pictures are fab!

  9. Replies
    1. זה מותג ברזילאי, ניתן להשיג ב-ninjapolish.com אך כרגע לא נמצא במלאי.

  10. Your pictures are just incredible, I can't stop staring at them! Beautiful nail polish, it looks absolutely perfect on your nails :)

  11. Hey Girl,
    This is so beautiful !
    I wish I had nails like you to look like this LOL :)

  12. This looks gorgeous -- the color shift is amazing. Your hands and nails are so beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much! This polish is incredible!

  13. This polish is gorgeous and your pictures are incredible!

  14. I think you just killed me O.o so stunning! I love these photo's with some nature in it - so peaceful to look at!