Incoco Nail Polish Strips in Fashion Fusion - Review

December 03, 2013

Today I have another awesome design by Incoco to share with you girls, this time it's a black lace design over a hot pink base that's called Fashion Fusion.
I absolutely loved this design, the color is so great and it's fun to wear bright colors even in this season, and the lacy design at the tips is sooo pretty!

It was hard to capture the real color of these strips on camera (well, you know how that most cameras just don't get along with neons), they look like really bright neon but in fact it was more hot pink (closer to the picture below). I didn't get to wear this design for a long time because I really (really!) love changing my nail designs very often, but from my experience with Incoco's nail polish strips, they in fact last for a long time and for me they stayed in tact for about 6 days (referring to the "A Floral Affair" design which I reviewed before).

I have noticed something a bit different about these strips, unlike other two designs I reviewed before (first and second review), this design had a white base behind the hot pink color. I wasn't sure if it made the strip a tiny bit thicker or not, and I didn't really get why it should have a background color for the pink base (which look quite solid to me), but they worked the same as other strips, were as flexible and durable as the others I've tried before.

Besides being obsessed with this gorgeous design, I really love how shiny these nail polish strips are. In the first photo they look completely flat for some reason, I guess it's the camera struggling with the neon again. But in real life they were really shiny, as if I topped them with a super glossy top coat (which I didn't, so it was great!).
I hope you liked this Incoco design, hopefully I will be showing you more new designs soon. 
Thanks for reading, hope you are having a wonderful week!

Incoco offers a large range of real nail polish strips in various trendy nail colors and nail designs, you can also find colorful french tip designs, classic french tips and even pedicure colors ans designs.
Be sure to check their new Merry & Bright Winter 2013 collection, they have some gorgeous designs that I know I would love to try.
Incoco's nail polish strips range is available at their site for $7.99 for solid colors / glitter, $8.99 for designs / patterns and $9.99 for french manicure.

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  1. These are gorgeous! I think Incoco has some of the best polish strips on the market!

  2. Hey Natalie! To answer your question about the white base layer: since Incoco makes true neons, we layer the color over a white base for the high-impact color that neons are known for.

    Thanks again for a wonderful feature - we're glad you're having fun with our colors and designs (:


  3. Wow, sexy! (-:
    Sublime - handmade nail polish

  4. That lace design looks great! Love Incoco :)

  5. Bellissimo, mi piace il disegno pizzo sulle unghie :)