White Christmas French Manicure

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful time with your loved ones and celebrating this holidays season the best way possible!
For this post I have a festive french manicure which I thought would look lovely presented in a white frosty winter look, and I really hope you will like it.
I don't know why but I never was into french manicures for some reason, and the only french manicure I created before this design was a lace french tips version I did at the beginning of this year. Lately I came to love this simple design more and more, and I finally decided to try it on myself.. I really fell in love with this manicure, it was so simple yet elegant and this almost bridal look was pleasant to me eyes which made it hard to say goodbye to, so I ended up wearing it for five whole days, enjoying every moment with it!

For this designs I used two of El Corazon polishes that I think are perfect for creating this french manicure, and an opaque white polish to create the white tip line.
With my regular white polish I painted the free edge line, repeating my natural nails lines. 
Then I applied two coats of El Corazon 423/57 Jelly over the entire nail, covering the white tips. I felt that this polish would be great for my french manicure because it has a sheer white jelly base, which helped me to create a very clean natural looking manicure.
The formula of this polish was relatively sheer, and even with three coats it wasn't opaque on my nails, but that is something to be expected form a jelly formula. This is again why I decided it would be perfect for a french manicure rather than using it as a regular color.

To add some beautiful sparkle to this manicure I applied two coats of El Corazon 421/3 Multi - It's a lovely multi colored shimmer that has a nice sparkle to it. Unfortunately it was pretty much impossible to capture it on camera, but I think that if you look closely you should be able to see some pinkish sparkle in some photos. Of course you can see how beautiful it is in the bottle, so you can get a better idea of how it looked on the nails in real life.
The formula of this polish was quite watery, it wasn't as thick as I usually expect nail polish to be, but it spread easily and it gave a nice shimmery finish with just one coat. I applied two coats for thie manicure just to see if there was any difference, but there wasn't much, so one coat should be enough.
I didn't apply a top coat for this manicure either, and I was happy to find out that this shimmery top coat served as a great top coat and preserved my manicure in great shape for the entire time I was wearing it.

Here is another closer look at the beautiful color shifting shimmer of El Corazon 421/3 Multi. You can see it's color is shifting from pink, to orange, yellow and even a light green.
Another thing that I have noticed about it's formula is that the shimmer sinks to the bottom of the bottle very quickly, but a good shake will solve this problem.

The ring that I am wearing in these photos is the Eiffel Tower ring that I showed here before, I just love how elegant and luxurious it looks on the hand. It also looks pretty cool once placed at on the rhinestone in profile, so if you haven't seen it yet, check my previous post featuring this ring.
Some of you were curious about were to get this ring, I actually bought it on ebay for about $8 which was a great deal. There are also matching earrings and necklace, so I think this could be a great gift as well. I'm really happy with this ring, and although I don't expect much from cheap ebay jewelry, this ring looks high quality and I enjoy wearing it.

I hope you liked this post and my festive french manicure. Let me know what you think of this design and I would also love to know what is your opinion of french manicures - do you like them, or not so much?
I wish you all a great and joyful holiday!

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  1. מושלםםםםם!
    זה בדיוק מה שקרה לי עם הפרנץ' שעשיתי לא מזמן, פשוט קשה להיפרד ממנו

  2. Really pretty! I love that super decent glitter in that one nail polish :)

  3. Merry Christmas! Love how simple and classic this is ;)

  4. Merry Christmas! So lovely and delicate mani!

  5. I remember that Eiffel Tower ring post. It was cute then and looks even prettier now. This is an elegant sophisticated look. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! This ring is great! :)
      Merry Christmas!!

  6. What a gorgeous look! I've always been a fan of French manicures and of course you've done this stunningly!! Love it :)

  7. I would KILL for your nails! and I still need to get one of those Eiffel Tower rings! :)

  8. Great nails ;))


  9. How funny! I've also created a French for Christmas this week!
    But I think the result on your nails looks much better than mine ;)

    1. Really? That's great haha
      I completely fell in love with the french design!
      And thank you so much, yours is lovely too, I just checked it out! ;)

  10. Great work white that french. I love seeing a nail blogger doing a french manicure that isn't acrylic or gel nails, it looks fresh and beautiful.

  11. Both a gorgeous ring and manicure :).

  12. Where do you get the El Corazon polishes?? Are they available for sale in the U.S.?

    1. Not sure about where you can find these, hope you'd have a better answer from google search :)