Cirque Swatches and Review: XX & Magic Hour

January 25, 2014

In today's post I have two gorgeous polishes by Cirque to share with you along with some awesome macro shots of these pretties. I got these polishes from Dazzled Shop, an Indie nail polish retailer from Hong Kong, which you can find more about in this post.
The polishes I'm going to show you in this post are the most amazing glitter toppers from Cirque - XX and Magic Hour. So let's head over to the swatches!

Cirque XX is a multi colored holographic glitter in various shapes in a clear base. In this magical mixture of glitter you can spot some hex, square and even diamond shape of glitter, and there's also a beautiful holo micro glitter in this mixture that makes it even prettier. This is one of those amazing polishes that are just spectacular in real life, and it's pretty hart to capture their beauty in photos. 
This polish was probably one of the most gorgeous polishes I've been lemming for a long time, and now that finally I have it I'm filled with joy!
In the photos I have one coat of Cirque XX over black base, topped with one coat of Poshe.

Cirque Magic Hour is an iridescent glitter mix of hex, square and bar glitter in a clear base. This glitter topper is just gorgeous, and I love how it looks different over various colors - for instance if you choose to layer it over dark base, the glitter will appear more green and blue, and if you decide to layer it over lighter colors, white for instance, it will look pink, purple and yellow.
I love that about iridescent glitter, you can basically create endless looks with just this one glitter topper, just by layering it over different base color each time.
For the photos I applied one coat of Cirque Magic Hour over black base, topped with one coat of Poshe.

I really hope you enjoyed my swatches of these polishes, and there are two more Cirque polishes I got from Dazzled Shop which I will be showing you soon. I would love to hear which one of these two is your favorite?
Also be sure to stop by Dazzled Shop store as they are having many gorgeous polishes on sale at the moment, so you can get them for a really great price!
Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!

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  1. Gorgeous shots of both of these glitters! There to die for! :)

  2. Очень красивые лаки! Понравились оба!

  3. I love Cirque XX, that top coat looks soo beautiful,
    Almost like a galaxy on your nails :)


    1. Cirque XX is am-mazing and totally one of my all time favorite glitters!

  4. Stunning swatches. I especially love the macro shots <3

  5. I am loving Cirque XX! Gorgeous swatches of both polishes!

  6. I prefer XX, but then maybe that's because I have it :)))

  7. XX ♥ so pretty! Love the pastel shades :)

  8. Your photos are perfect! I kind of want them both now :)