Jewelry & Nail Art: Origami In Pastel

January 19, 2014

For today's Jewelry & Nail Art post I have created a manicure that was completely inspired by the rings and the designer who created them. This post is featuring two beautiful rings from one of my favorite Israeli designers - Shlomit Ofir.
I've been following Shlomit and her creations for a long time, she is a truly talented and inspiring artist and jewelry maker, and so I'm very excited to share with you this post featuring her rings.

The inspiration for this nail art came from Shlomit's Origami ring and the beautiful combination of pastels and gold, that is very common in her jewelry. I really loved the idea of combining these two elements, and so I came up with this geometric design for my nail art.

The Nail Art:
To create this nail art I started with a gold base, I applied two coats of Ga-De Gold Glamour (824). Once my base was completely dry, I used striping tape to create the geometric lines.
I chose three of my favorite pastel shades to fill the triangle shapes I created - Lime Crime Milky Ways, Essie Mint Candy Apple & Essie Fiji. I painted one nail at a time, removing the striping tape once I finished filling the lines, and moving on to the next nail.
Once I finished all the nails and they were dry, I applied Poshe top coat to smooth the design.

The Rings:
The beautiful rings that inspired me to create these manicure were designed by Shlomit Ofir, a young Israeli designer who works and lives in Tel Aviv. Shlomit creates unique jewelry and accessories which combine a romantic feel with an updated, trendy look. Shlomit's jewelry collection is combined of items made from gold and silver plated metals, using pearls, beads and semi-precious stones and less conventional materials such as wood and formica
Find more about Shlomit Ofir here.

The Origami ring and the Tulum ring that I'm wearing in these photos are made of 24K matte gold plating over brass base, they are really beautiful in person and look gorgeous on the hand. I love the luxurious yet simple look of the Origami ring, and the delicate look and feel of the Tulum ring.
I really liked that they have a matte gold finish, I think it's unique and I don't recall seeing this kind of finish before, which was interesting for me. Both rings are very beautiful and I'm thrilled to have them in my jewelry collection.

I really recommend you to visit Shlomit Ofir's online store, she has the most beautiful and delicate jewelry I've seen that instantly made me fall in love with them. Shlomit is constantly working on new designs and collection, so there is more to come.
If you live in Israel, you should pay a visit to one (or all!) of Shlomit's boutique stores, they are absolutely magical!

Where to buy: Shlomit Ofir
Price: Currently unavailable / $39
Material: 24K matte gold plating over brass base
Origin: Handcrafted in Israel, shipped worldwide
Discounts: Free shipping

A few of my favorite items from Shlomit Ofir

Bird Brooch

Formica Kites Necklace

Cruz Stacking Ring

Gingko Earrings

Find Shlomit Ofir also on
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  1. Just found you through PAA and I'm so impressed! You have impeccable taste in design, nails And jewelry! I absolutely love all of this :)

  2. I love how light and pretty your manicure is!

  3. Loved it !!
    Such a great way to show out jewellery :)

  4. Oh wow. Absolutely gorgeous manicure and stunning jewelry. Might be my favorite one in this series you've done!

  5. The pastel origami nails look absolutely adorable!!

  6. Strikingly beautiful manicure! Gorgeous!

  7. Sooo beautiful :D Love the colour combo.

  8. the jewellery is awesome! thanks for sharing! and i also love your mani, as usual :)

  9. I love the rings and the mani is just beautiful!

  10. нереально красиво! колечки милые, а маникюр просто восторг!!

  11. את פשוט אדירה!! יצא מושלם!
    ♥ אוהבת את כל מה שאת עושה
    והטבעות מהממות

  12. AMAZING!! Maybe it's a bit boring but everytime I comment on your posts, I write the same! ;) but your designs always look so perfect!

  13. Beautiful! And I really love this new series combining polish and jewelry:)

  14. So delicate and elegant!
    (btw, do you prefer comments in Russian or English from Russian readers?)


  16. Pastel colors are going to be a huge trend this upcoming season!
    I love how you got a lot of inspiration by the jewelry!
    Your nails look great! ;)

    Thanks, for sharing this beautiful mani with us!
    Xx julia

  17. The manicure is perfect, I love all the colours that you used :-) And, this is the perfect way to present the jewelry :-)

  18. Truly breathtaking!! I can't get over your wonderful manis :) What did you use to fill the triangles? Whenever I try this, I use too much colour to fill the spaces, so that the whole mani gets very uneven ...

  19. You are doing such amazing things lately! I love how delicate this looks ♥.

  20. Amazingly pretty!! I'm not always keen on softest pastels on nails but I'm definitely onto these nails, woww how beautiful. :)