Ga-De Plum Blossom

January 18, 2014

Hello ladies! Hope you are having a great weekend.
Today I have a short posts featuring a swatch of a new color I recently tried from my favorite Israeli brand Ga-De Cosmetics - Plum Blossom.
I spotted this color and I realized I didn't have anything like this in my collection, so I decided to grab it. Although this isn't an unusual color, I still was quite excited to try it on.

I find it hard to describe the color of Plum Blossom (470), I can't decide if it's a dusty berry/plum/another fruit shade, but it has a fairly warm red undertone. This color actually reminded me of Zoya Naturel Collection, and it feels like this can easily be another color from this collection.

It's creme formula was a bit thick but still easy to apply. It provided a very good coverage with just one coat and I think that for many of you this will be considered as a one-coater. Oh well, you know me, one coat is rarely enough for me, so I applied two coats.
Dry time was quick and it had a very glossy finish so I didn't use a top coat.
I really enjoyed wearing this color, it was quite different from my usual picks at this seasons which are darker and colder shades.

I find it funny that with my huge collection and range of colors I still manage to surprise myself and find colors that I don't already own, especially from Israeli brands like Ga-De. Speaking of Ga-De, if you are following me on Instagram, you probably already know that they released a new collection with three glitter shades, which I will be soon showing them on the blog. I'm really excited about these ;)

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  1. What an interesting color, it maybe isn't that unusual but I don't have it in my collection either.

  2. Очень женственно! Цвет для любого случая!

  3. This is a stunning shade! Really love it and it is "cozy" enough to be worn in the winter, but would also make a perfect base for some floral nail art I think :).

  4. this color is so beautiful! Love this shade a lot!

  5. I love this purple color!
    Purple polishes are my favorites ;)
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful polish with us.

    Xx Julia

  6. The polish is pretty, but OMG your pictures are to die for! Love them! :)

  7. What a lovely color! Perfect for every occasion!

  8. אני אוהבת וורודים ואני אוהבת סגולים, כך שלק שהוא שילוב של השניים הוא יפה ממש בעיניי :-)

  9. You're photos are to die for :) I love this color.

  10. I just love that shade of Jade :) Great post !