Jewelry & Nail Art: Royals

January 12, 2014

Today it's time for another post from the Jewelry & Nail Art series, this time I have an elegant and luxurious look that I put together. This look was inspired by the beautiful Gold Crown Ring I received from LettersEarring. I think I fell in love with the idea of a crown ring when I first saw it on Sophie's blog, and I just knew I have to get one too!

The Nail Art:
I chose to go with a simple and clean manicure to match this ring, so I painted my nails with a white base (wow 350) and created a glitter gradient with the gorgeous Gold Mark by FUN Lacquer, which I reviewed at my blog before. I think this one is perfect for glitter gradients, I just applied a bit on my tips and added a glossy top coat to even it out.
This manicure was really simple to create and I think it looks nice with the ring, without overpowering it.

The Ring:
This lovely gold crown ring I got from LettersEarring is exactly what I was looking for, it's very delicate and sophisticated. The ring is made of gold plated brass (available in gold, silver and rose gold) and rhinestones, and it has heart shaped embellishments that add a romantic look to it. This ring is also a stacking ring, so if you get two identical rings and stack them together you can create a new look with these rings. I really love this design, and the ring is well crafted, so I was very happy with it.

You can find many different designs of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more beautiful items at LettersEarring Etsy store. I know it was hard for me to pick just one, so there's something for everyone in their store. The store is based in South Korea and offers worldwide shipping. The prices are cheap and the items are very beautiful, so this is a great place to shop at and expend your jewelry collection. LettersEarring is offering my readers a special discount, so be sure to use it when you are shopping at their store.

Price: $12.80
Material: Gold plated brass (available in silver, gold and rose gold)
Origin: South Korea, shipped worldwide
Discounts: 10% off with code "natalie10" (expires Jan 31)

A few of my favorite items from LettersEarring's store
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paper crane necklace
stacking heart crown ring/crown jewelry/stacking ring/couple ring/heart ring/princess cut ring/stacked ring/ pink ring,R135N - LETTERSEARRING
stacking heart crown ring
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open heart knuckle ring
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royal jelly ring

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  1. What a beautiful manicure! So delicate and yet so shiny! And the ring is really pretty too, I was also looking for something like this after seeing in on Sophie's blog :)

  2. Wow, your manicure is beautiful ! I love the ring too :)

  3. очень нежно и изящно!!

  4. Such beautiful photos, I could look at them whole day!

  5. Cute manicure! But I have to confess: I liked the ring more than I liked the nails haha
    Great pics :)

  6. Stunning ring, and gorgeous manicure! I can't get enough of your photography.

  7. OMG!!! This mani is so pretty. Its perfect for the theme and I super like the color and glitters on it. Perfect choice, love it!

  8. Wow, beautiful manicure, simple but stunning. And the rings, I love them! When will your discount code expire? I can't decide at the moment...

  9. Wow, that ring is so beautiful! And the manicure looks so great with it, absolutely gorgeous!

  10. I love this, The ring is simply stunning! It looks so dainty and elegant but paired with the manicure too its all so crazy beautiful together :) xx

  11. I think you have the world envious of your photography. Man. Gorgeous ring and manicure!

  12. This is beautiful, the manicure is so elegant! Your hands and nails are gorgeous :)