Jewelry & Nail Art: The key to your heart

January 02, 2014

Hello ladies! I hope you all had а fantastic new year celebration!
I decided to start this year with my first post from the Jewelry & Nail Art series that I was talking about previously. I hope you will enjoy this post and the following posts from this series as well!

For this post I created a manicure to match the lovely skeleton key ring I received from Dvora Schleffer, a small boutique jewelry designer from Israel.
This beautiful and delicate ring inspired me to create a manicure with a silver touch to it, and a matching stamped design which I thought was simply perfect for this ring.

The Nail Art:
To create this manicure I used a few of my all time favorites: Starting with one coat of Essie - No Place Like Chrome, then I layered over it one coat of OPI - Miss You-Niverse, creating a gap of a few millimeters to show the silver underneath. OPI's polish was really perfect for this because it's a great one-coat nail polish.
I added some holo glitter from Essence - Julia over all the nails except for the ring finger, where I felt that I should use a delicate glitter to show the stamped design better, so I picked Out The Door - Northern Lights as the background. The heart shaped keyhole design was stamped with Essie's silver that I used for my base, and the image is from Nailz Craze NC06 stamping plate. I sealed the design with one coat of Poshe top coat.

Nail polish that was used for this nail art, L-R: OPI - Miss You-Niverse, Out The Door - Northern Lights, Essie - No Place Like Chrome, Essence - Julia.

The Ring:
Dvora's skeleton key ring is very delicate and beautiful, this ring is hand crafted from sterling silver.
I find the design of this ring to be unique, this is the first time I see a ring like this. I love this design and I think this is a beautiful symbol to represent love, which makes this a wonderful gift for every lady.
The ring was very comfortable to wear and there were times that I almost forgot I had it on me because I didn't even feel it one the finger, and I loved it! 
Dvora Schleffer is a trained silversmith from Israel, and she has been creating jewelry for over twenty years now. Dvora designs and creates her jewelry in small quantities to keep them special and unique.

At Dvora Schleffer's Etsy store you can find various handcrafted jewelry like rings, necklace, bracelets, earrings and more. International shipping is available, so you can get her lovely jewelry sent to any place in the world.
Find more about Dvora Schleffer's and her handmade jewelry.
Dvora also offers 10% discount at her store for my readers, so be sure to use the code "nailzcraze10" when shopping at her store.

Price: $28
Material: Sterling Silver
Origin: Handmade in Israel, shipped worldwide
Discounts: 10% off with code "nailzcraze10"

A few of my favorite items from Dvora Scheleffer' store
Sterling bird earrings, silver hoop earrings, modern jewelry nature inspired - DvoraSchleffer
Sterling bird earrings,...
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Bird necklace, Sterling silver bird pendant, modern jewelry for everyday wear - DvoraSchleffer
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Skeleton key ring,  silver novelty ring, sterling silver ring with small key, everyday jewelry - DvoraSchleffer
Skeleton key ring, sil...
Find Dvora Schleffer Designs also on
Facebook | Twitter

Well ladies, I hope you enjoyed this post and that you are already curious about the upcoming posts as well. I was lucky to get the chance to work with some amazing jewelry designers and I can't wait to show you more of the beautiful jewelry on my next posts.
Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day!

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  1. This design is so pretty! And it works so well with your long nails. I really liked the ring too
    Can't wait for the rest of the posts in the series :)

  2. First, let me wish you a happy new year and a lot of success :)
    I love the ring! it's gorgeous! And the nail-art you did is amazing!
    I'm already loving this series!! <3

  3. Beautiful manicure and really interesting jewelry, I love the bird necklace! :-)

  4. Both the nail art and ring are gorgeous! You made a great match! And it looks so beautiful with your long nails :)

  5. Great ruffian~ :)

  6. Both the ring and nail art are gorgeous, you did a beautiful job creating a great match between them. Your photography is just outstanding as always! :)

  7. I like this jewelry series you're doing! Such perfect nail art to go with it too! <3

  8. I normally think ruffian manicures can look quite bold and harsh, but this combination is so elegant and perfect! Great job :).

  9. Wow!
    Your pictures look absolutely beautiful! And I love the nails and the ring.

    Thanks for sharing this with us ;)
    Xx julia

  10. איך עשית את העיצוב הזה? פשוט יפייפה :)) אשמח לראות אצלך קצת יותר מדריכים בתחום הנייל ארט... כי את ממש אמנית!!

    1. תודה רבה!
      הנייל ארט הזה די קל, תוכלי למצוא מדריכים רבים ביוטיוב ליצירתו אם תחפשי Ruffian nail art tutorial

  11. I love the shape and length of your nails!