FUN Lacquer Princess Collection Part 4 - Merida, Mulan and Snow White

November 06, 2013

Today I am going to show you the last three colors from the Princess Collection by FUN Lacquer.
You can check my previous posts featuring the entire collection in this link.
Be sure to stop by at their store to get your favorite princess shades before they are sold out. 
FUN Lacquer is also having a pre-sale of their new Christmas collection, so be sure to check it as well. I will be posting swatches of this collection soon at the blog, so there's more FUN Lacquer to come!

Merida is a reddish brown base with holographic effect. I really liked this color and I think it's great for fall. Thanks to the darker shade the holographic effect is relatively strong, which was great because some of the colors in this collection have a more subtle effect.
The formula was great as with all darker shades, and I only needed two coats for perfect coverage.

Mulan is a nude / light brown with a subtle holographic effect. I don't know why but I really love nude shades with a holographic effect, but I'm not sure how I feel about them on my long nails.
This color has a subtle effect, but still very beautiful.
Because of the light color, the formula was a bit sheer so I needed three thin coats to get a good coverage.

Snow White is a light gray base with a very subtle holographic effect. With white /light gray holographic polish it's usually hard to get a strong holographic effect, so as you can see the effect here is quite weak, but still it's a lovely frosty shade.
The formula was too sheer for my taste, so I ended up applying three thick coats of this color to get it fully opaque.

The Princess Collection by FUN Lacquer is available for purchase at their store, note that the stock is limited and they are soon to be sold out.
The full size bottles retail for $13 (16.7ml) and the minis for $7.5 (7ml), shipped worldwide from Singapore.
Be sure to check their social media links for more beautiful polishes ans swatches.

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  1. פוסט מקסים! אהבתי מאוד את השילוב עם האצטרובלים! :)
    ה Snow White הזה מושלם!!!

  2. Два последних разбили мне сердце!) Они великолепны! Обзор очень красивый!

  3. серый безумно нравится!!

  4. Snow White is so lovely...
    If it wasn't so difficult to get them, I would like to have at least this one...
    Eva -

    1. It's lovely indeed. They ship worldwide though I'm not sure this color is still in stock.

  5. Lovely colors! Mulan and Snow White looks great! Excellent swatches. Thanks

  6. Snow white is sweet, very sweet! :) Kisses,


  7. Beautiful photos as always! I was thinking about using spruce cones for photos, but I couldn't find any in the local park :)) The 3rd polish looks wonderful!

  8. כרגיל, מהמם!
    יש לי שאלה- מאיפ את מכירה ומזמינה את כל הלקים המיוחדים האלה? אני רוצה לצאת מהבועה של OPI ואסי וכל חברות הסופר פארם ומעוניינת להגדיל את האוסף שלי עם דברים יותר מיוחדים

    1. תודה
      אני מזמינה הרבה אונליין, יש מבחר גדול באיביי, וגם אתרים עצמאיים של מותגים אינדי, שווה לבדוק ברשת

  9. Lindíssimos holográficos!

  10. All beautiful, but if I had to choose only one it would definitely be Snow White! :-)