LA Splash Swatch Time

November 18, 2013

Today I am going to share with you swatches of five lovely shades from LA Splash Cosmetics.
For this review I picked a few of the colors that seemed most interesting to me from LA Splash nail polish range, so I hope you will like them as much as I do and enjoy my swatches.

LA Splash Forbidden is a dark vampy jelly. With the application of first coat it has a reddish cherry shade but when a second coat applied it appears to be more brown toned.
The formula is very smooth and easy on application and it has a gorgeous shine. Although it was a bit sheer at first, I managed to get a nice coverage with two thick coats, but still on the photos you can see some bald spots. I think that three thin coats might have been a better solution for this polish.
I really love this dark vampy shade and it's glossy finish, I think it is perfect for this season!
For the photos I applied two coats of Forbidden, no top coat was applied.

LA Splash Embellished is a mix of small hex glitter in red, fuchsia and silver holo in a clear base.
The polish is packed with a generous amount of glitter so it was easy to get a great coverage with just a few strokes. I applied one coat of Embellished over Forbidden, but I think you can get the polish opaque on it's own with 3 coats or so. I have a feeling this polish will be great for glitter gradients as well. I love how sparkly it is in the sun, and the holo glitter is a great addition to this mix.
For the photos I applied one coat of Embellished over Forbidden, topped with one coat of Poshe top coat.

LA Splash Glitz & Berry is a berry jelly with square silver micro glitter. In the photos it appears to be more pink than it was in real life because of direct sunlight. Despite it's being a jelly formula, it was relatively opaque with just two coats thanks to the density of the glitter. I think that it will be great to layer this polish over a similar base shade to get it fully opaque and get a more accurate shade in sun.
For the photos I applied two coats of Glitz & Berry and one coat of Poshe top coat.

LA Splash Crimson Tide is a crimson / brownish creme-jelly with small gold hex glitter. The formula was relatively opaque and I got a great coverage with just two coats. In some parts it appears that some of the glitter is in fuchsia shade but in fact this ic because the gold is covered with the crimson jelly. I think I loved this polish more in other swatches than in my own because it looks much more brown in my pics.
For the photos I applied two coats of Crimson Tide and one coat of Poshe top coat.

LA Splash Gold Seahorse is a sea-foam shimmery green shade with gold glitter mix. The formula was a bit on the sheer side so I ended up using three coats to get it completely opaque.
I loved the name of this polish and it seems like mix of colors in suits the name so well. Although it's a lovely shade I'm not sure it was a great match with my pale skin tone.
For the photos I applied two coats of Gold Seahorse and one coat of Poshe top coat.

I hope you enjoyed this post and liked my swatches. I would love to hear what is your favorite shade from these five.
Be sure to check LA Splash Cosmetics site for more beautiful nail polish shades and other cosmetics products. LA Splash is spread worldwide so hopefully you will be able to get your favorite shades at your country. If you are located in the US you can stop by the LA Splash e-shop to purchase their products online.
Thank you for reading!

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  1. Your pictures are so awesome :) Love that first glitter nail polish!

  2. Hi Naty...
    This shadow of green with the gold glitter looks amazing...
    I loved it!
    Kisses... thanks for the email u've sent me... It helped a lot *-*

  3. Your nails are just so awesome!! I mentioned you in a post about my fave nail blogs:

  4. Fantastic swatches! I'm so craving LA Splash Gold Seahorse.. for a long time now :{

  5. Bonsoir, ils sont très beaux :)

  6. They are all beautiful, but the second option is very, very)

  7. Hi Natalie, they all look gorgeous on you! I liked Gold Seashore, and Crimson Tide is unique too.

  8. Wonderful collection! Great swatches:)

  9. your nails are incredibly stunning! my favorite is gold seahorse, i have a soft spot for everything mint and gold