Joining The Military Style

November 09, 2013

In today's post I'm going to share with you my current manicure, which I decided to match to the blouse I wore this week for PUPA's makeup event (which I will be telling you all about very soon!). Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to photograph my nails with the blouse, but to give you a better idea of how it looked, I would describe it as a military green, and the collar of the blouse had gold round studs. So you probably understand why I chose to match these colors together for my manicure. ;)

When I got this blouse, I already knew that there was a perfect match for it by name and color - it was GA-DE Military Style, a smoked gray with teal undertone.
I discovered by chance that this polish was a perfect dupe for Zoya Evvie, so this was a nice surprise for me.
I applied two coats of this creamy base for a perfect coverage.
I decided to pair this color with a metallic gold - GA-DE Gold Glamour, a gold foil that has a slight silver tone to it. I sponged the gold over the tips to create a gradient look.
I also added some glitter over the tips to make it more sparkly and interesting. The glitter I used was Essence Make It Golden which has a warmer shade of gold glitter and shimmer to it.
I applied one coat of Poshe to seal the design.

This combination worked really well for me, and although I don't usually wear this color (well, I wore it for two years straight while serving in the military a few years back, but never on my nails!), I ended up loving this look and the color combo!
I love it when I manage to surprise myself with new colors that I thought I would never wear. I guess I just need to try new stuff more often!

Below you can see the bottle shots of both colors in shade, I think these colors look really great both in shade and in the sun. GA-DE Military Style appears to be lighter in this photo and it looks more gray, and GA-DE Gold Glamour looks like a very cold shade of gold.

I just love the setup of these photos, they seemed to match the theme so well! I spotted this green sprout that was growing on a stone wall, and I thought it would be a lovely place to take these photos. I love how they turned out! I just hope that these sunny days will stay with us a bit longer, so I can take more beautiful photos outside.

I hope you enjoyed this post and liked my manicure, I would love to hear your thought about it.
Have you tried lately colors that you never thought you would, and how did that worked out for you?

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  1. Great look! It totally matched your pretty outfit :)

  2. I loooooove military greens mixed with gold, it's just one of those combos that I can't get enough! Great job on the gradient, it looks really good.

    1. Thanks! I'm happy I tried this combo, it looked really nice!

  3. such a pretty design! I love it! :) <3

  4. Gorgeous! Love shades of green like this and gold together ♥

  5. Не смотря на цвет хаки, получилось очень нежно и женственно!) Красота!

  6. Lovely combo! I love how sparse the larger glitters are :)

  7. this looks great! I can imagine what the blouse looked like just by your manicure :)

  8. you chose so beautiful combination of nail polishes

  9. I love your nails, nice coulours! Now when Christmas is close I think I really need a golden nail polish! :)

  10. Lindíssima combinação! Como sempre arrasando :D

  11. Sua combinação ficou divina!

  12. I like this shade of green and you made a beautiful manicure using these two colours! :-)