Incoco Nail Polish Strips in A Floral Affair - Review

November 19, 2013

For today I  have another review of Incoco's nail polish strips. I have reviewed their excellent nail strips before in this post, I was very impressed with them and I couldn't wait to try the other designs the sent me fore review. So let's get to the review!

The design which I'm wearing on my nails in this post is called A Floral Affair, it's semi-sheer nude base with delicate floral design in orange and pink. I picked this design because I loved how delicate and feminine it looked. I think the floral design is very pretty and it looks really nice over this nude toned base color.

The package of these nail strips was exactly the same as the one I reviewed before, it contains 16 double sided nail strips which made it easy to choose a size to fit my nails. Application was super easy and quick, you can see more information about the application in my previous review post, and I also advice to check Incoco's How-To page for full instructions.

A Floral Affair is a lovely design from the past Spring collection, I want to say it's one of the prettiest designs at the site but it's hard to decide because Incoco have so many great designs and they are constantly releasing new beautiful designs that I am really curious about.

As for my experience with these nail polish strips and this design, I have to say I was surprised to find these strips to be much more sheer than I expected, and as you can see it really shows on my long nails. I personally don't like when the free edge of my long nails shows, and somehow the nail strips made my tips look yellow (much, much more than they are in RL), I think it's because the base of this design has a yellow undertone. However I did like the color it gave to to nail plates, and I think that this design might suit better shorter nails. 

I admit, I was a bit disappointed about the tips issue - but, I found that this design also has some really good qualities! I wore these strips for about six days and I barely noticed any tip wear, guess it's thanks to the pale color of the strips. I didn't have and chips or lifting at all, the strips stayed in place and remained in a great shape for the entire six days. I could have kept wearing them for a few more days, but I just wanted to treat myself with a fresh manicure.
I would say that Incoco's real nail polish strips have a great quality and they lasted for a long time fore me. I have tried other brands before and it seems like Incoco might just we a winner for me.
There is another design I have left to show you, so if you liked my review and these Incoco nail polish strips, stick around to see which design will be next.

Incoco offers a large range of real nail polish strips in various trendy nail colors and nail designs, you can also find colorful french tip designs, classic french tips and even pedicure colors ans designs.
The great thing about Incoco is that they are keeping it fresh and interesting, constantly releasing new designs and collection. There's the classy Fall collection that was released recently, and they also revealed a sneak peak of their new Merry & Bright Winter 2013 collection that will be out soon, so I'm really curious about this one!
Incoco's nail polish strips range is available at their site for $7.99 for solid colors / glitter, $8.99 for designs / patterns and $9.99 for french manicure.

I hope you liked the design I showed you and that you found this post useful. Thank you for reading!

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  1. so nice! kisses

  2. Wow they look really nice and I never would've guessed it!

  3. Muito bonito! Suas unhas ficaram um charme!

  4. I don´t see tips because this beatiful design and your nails screen it ;-) Really look great on your nails

  5. That looks so pretty! Nice with the nude and floral details :)

  6. I love the colours and the design! These look great on your nails! :-)