FUN Lacquer Princess Collection Part 3 - Rapunzel and Aurora

November 02, 2013

Today I have another post featuring two of the lovely FUN Lacquer Princess Collection colors, including my personal favorites Rapunzel and Aurora.
Be sure to check my previous posts with more swatches of the Princess Collection - Belle, Tiana & Pocahontas and Jasmine, Ariel & Cinderella.

Rapunzel is a purple holographic polish, it's holo effect is pretty strong and noticeable and I just love it's color. The formula was very good and two easy coats were enough for a perfect coverage. This color also had a matte / plastic finish so I applied a top coat over it to add some shine. I would say this color has relatively strong holographic effect compared to other colors in this collection, so this one is easily my favorite.

Aurora is a sweet pink polish with a subtle holographic effect, it has a lovely warm pink shade and it's formula was surprisingly nice, concidering it's a light color. I only needed two coats for full coverage. It dried a bit matte so for these photos I applied a top coat to add it some shine.
I wish the holographic effect of this color was a bit stronger, but still it's lovely shade with a nice effect, so there's something to like about this color as well.

The Princess Collection by FUN Lacquer is available for purchase at their store, note that the stock is limited and they are soon to be sold out.
The full size bottles retail for $13 (16.7ml) and the minis for $7.5 (7ml), shipped worldwide from Singapore.
Be sure to check their social media links for more beautiful polishes ans swatches.

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  1. <3 <3 <3 Both colours are great!

  2. wow they're both very very pretty! I especially like Rapunzel because the base color is quite bright!

  3. Replies
    1. Hope you can still get them, they are gorgeous

  4. Bonjour, ils sont sublimes j'adore!!

  5. I need Rapunzel, it looks so gorgeous! I'm a big fan of purples, so I have to have it!

  6. וואו, רפונזל הפיל אותי מהכיסא!

  7. Both are stunning but Aurora is such a beautiful pink, if only it had slightly more holo :( Then I think it would be so unique combined with the shade. Still both so beautiful!

  8. Rapunzel is absoutly wonderful, never seen a polish of this color before.

  9. This Rapunzel is so, so, soooo beautiful...
    I want it... *-*
    Eva -

  10. Beautiful shades for true princesses, and they must look awesome together in a gradient! :)

  11. Rapunzel é magnífico!

  12. Rapunzel and Aurora are both beautiful, I think I could wear them also alone on my nails, but I really have a strong wish to put some white delicate flowers on them... :-)