Zoya Payton with a glamorous touch

November 28, 2013

You probably remember seeing this gorgeous polish  Zoya Payton in my blog a while ago, but since this was such a great color and this shade has a beautiful effect, I had to show it once more time before I let it sit in my Helmer's drawer for a while. (Oh I wish I could use it more, but I have so many new and unswatches polishes to play with, I can't resist it!)
Just like I did with Zoya Dream, I decided that some stamping will bring a bit more glam to it, and so I used one of the Nailz Craze plates to create this manicure.

For this design I applied two coats of the fantastic Zoya Payton, then used Barry M Gold Foil to stamp the diamonds designs from the Nailz Craze NC04 stamping plate.
Zoya Payton is really beautiful on it's own, but I do think that these delicate golden diamonds were a nice addition to this manicure. I love the gold against this dark berry shade, and the holographic flakes of Payton sparkling right trough the stamped design were so pretty!

This probably isn't the sharpest image I could get (I hate it when I am finished taking photos and them realize that some images are completely unusable), but I just wanted to show you how gorgeous the holo flakes up close. This is such a rich color and the effect is a stunner, one of my all time favorites.
I hope you liked this post although it was a short one! Let me know what you think about this mani.
I also want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgivukkah (Hanukkah and Thanksgiving), and for those of you who are not celebrating anything at the moment - just have a fantastic weekend! ;)

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  1. I love this color combination! Payton is such a beautiful rich color, and the stamping makes it even more magical!

  2. я в последнее время очень увлеклась стемпингом и такой вариант не могу оставить без внимания - очень нравится и сочетание цвета, и конечно исполнение!!

  3. I have been waiting for this post to see what you stamped over Payton! lovely :D

  4. Most stunning pictures I've ever seen on any blog ever! So jealous! I've asked santa for one of your plates. I hope he delivers ;) x

  5. Zoya Payton is gorgeous! Beautiful stamping!

  6. Zoya Payton looks gorgeous and with this golden stamping it gets some more glow, looks very festive! :-)

    1. Thank you dear, happy to hear you liked my mani!

  7. Lo stamping oro valorizza ancora di più questo bellissimo Zoya. Mi piace molto!