Beauty Review: PUPA Pupart Pocket Kit in Smoky Purple

February 20, 2014

Hello ladies! Today I have a quick review of an eyeshadow palette from PUPA. I spotted this kit at the Super Pharm drugstore and since it was on a pretty nice discount, I had to have it! Besides, I really love PUPA's products and this kit was small and cute, so for that price ($14) I felt like this is a great bargain.
The Pupart Pocket Kit comes in three variations of colors: 001 Smoky Marine, 002 Smoky Brown and the one I got is 003 Smoky Purple

The kit includes a small palette with five eyeshadow colors and an eye pencil with a felt tip for blending and creating a smoky eye effect. I loved that this kit is compact and small, it can easily fit in any makeup bag and still leave much space for other items. Although the palette is small, I didn't feel like the eyeshadows were smaller than in regular kit and they will probably last for a long time and many uses.

The Pupart Pocket Kit in Smoky Purple has five colors with different effects: warm purple and rose taupe with a satin effect, beige and white in matte and warm white with a pearly shimmer finish.
These colors were really lovely and natural, I think you can create nice combinations with them and get a great result. I loved that these are not all the same finish/effect, although the matte colors were less impressive. The pigments were good and rich, especially with the two colors on the left.
The eye pencil that comes with this kit is a dark purple, it also has a really great color and pigment. On the other end it has a felt tip that is meant to use as a blending 'brush' to create a smoky eye effect, or you can just use it as an eyeliner or a regular eye pencil.

Overall I think this is a pretty nice kit, and it's great for creating everyday looks. I hope to see more compact kits like these from PUPA in the future with more shimmery and satin effects.
Hope you liked me review, and if you got to try this kit or another one from this series, I would love to hear what were your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks like a great everyday palette!

  2. I've never even heard of this brand, but the colors here are gorgeous!

    1. Oh it's one of my favorite makeup brands! It's Italian but from what I know it's sold in different countries. If you ever need help getting it, let me know, I will be happy to help! ;)