The Holo Grail - All Holo Monthly Subscription Box

February 01, 2014

Today I have some news that the holo lovers among us would love to hear!
Dazzled Shop are launching a new monthly subscription box that will include only holo indie nail polish. How great is that? See more info about this awesome project below.

The first all holographic polish monthly subscription box that will be distributed by DAZZLED.

Price: HKD465/ appx. USD59.6 (shipping not included)
Brands: Aly’s Dream Polish, Emily de Molly, Foxy Paws Polish, Lilypad Lacquer, Literary Lacquers, NailNation3000, Philly Loves Lacquer, Too Fancy Lacquer
Launch Date: 1st February
Purchase here: Click

Each box will contain 4 polishes, Too Fancy Lacquer is the core brand of the box with 3 other brands rotating.

There will be a theme each month and it will be announced when the box is available for pre-order.
The shades will remain a mystery until customers receive their box, however, there will be a collage of photos showing the inspiration from each brand.

We have already chosen a theme for March and April, they will be Meet The Makers Part I & II. Although some of the brands are already very well known, some are not. We want to introduce all the brands in our lineup to the fellow nail polish lovers, so the brands will make what they are best at in these introductory boxes. But starting from May onwards, we will be open for suggestions from customers on our Facebook page, we will still be the one to decide the theme of the box. But once the theme picked is from the suggestion of a customer, the person will get a free box for that month.

March: Meet The Makers Part I
Too Fancy Lacquer
Aly’s Dream Polish
Foxy Paws Polish
Lilypad Lacquer

April: Meet The Makers Part II
Emily de Molly
Literary Lacquers
Philly Loves Lacquer

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  1. I am very interested in this box, though I do feel like the price is quite high.. 60 dollars means 15 dollar a bottle, which doesn't represent regular retail for these brands.

    1. Well, there's one thing we have to bear in mind is that I get the polishes from different countries so there will be shipping costs.. I already try to price them as low as possible, if you check on Mei Mei's site.. For instance, she's selling EdM holos at USD16 before shipping, and Llarowe's selling price for EdM is USD15 before shipping. I'd love to keep the same selling price as the brands but it's really not possible... I hope everyone would understand this :)

  2. Sounds very exciting! Love holos too :)

    1. Really curious to see how the box will look like!