Ga-De Hypnotic Red

February 03, 2014

Hey ladies, I'm just topping by to say hello and to share with you a quick post today. I was busy working on some swatch posts and manis today, but I really wanted to post something just so you can enjoy my blog for another day.
A few days ago I wore this gorgeous red nail polish, and that made me realize I've missed classic feminine colors like reds and pinks. This fantastic shade in the picture is Ga-De Hypnotic Red, truly a gorgeous color that I enjoyed wearing.

Ga-De Hypnotic Red (808) is a gorgeous shimmery red. It's formula was fantastic and a pleasure to apply, it dried fast with a nice glossy finish. This beautiful red shimmery effect was almost radiant.
I love these kind of classic reds, they can instantly make you feel so beautiful and feminine.
For the photos I applied two coats, and the top coat was added after I took the photos.

If you are curious about the ring I'm wearing in these photos - it was purchased on ebay, but frankly its quality was pretty bad so I ended up returning it to the seller. I guess that sometimes cheap is just cheap. It looks really nice, too bad it's a lousy quality. Lucky for me I had this beautiful nail polish to cheer me up! ;)

I would love to know what is your favorite red nail polish? Feel free to share!

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  1. This is beautiful! My favorite red is a-england Percival, you should try it!

  2. Natalie, such a gorgeous shade of red! Lovely rings by the way:)

  3. Really gorgeous Natalie! You should wear mor red... it fits you so fine...
    Eva -

  4. Hello,
    Il est vraiment magnifique ce rouge.

  5. Hypnotic Red is actually one of my favorite reds, but if I had to pick a single favorite it would probably be Orly Star Spangled. Or Chic Obsession. Or Ga-de Hypnotic Red.

    Okay, you've stumped me. I can't pick a favorite red.