Purple Nail Art for Spring With ILNP

February 12, 2014

Today I have this amazing purple holographic nail art to share with you! For this nail art I decided to combine two beautiful holos from ILNP's upcoming Spring Collection (pre-order stars in February 14th, don't miss it!). I was super excited to try these new holographic shades by ILNP, and I was super pleased with the result. Hopefully you'll like it as much as I did!

Dreaming In Violet is a violet / pale purple holographic shade. It's formula was surprisingly opaque for such a light color, and I ended up using just two coats for the photos below. The color and the holographic effect in this polish were just lovely!

Kings & Queens is a dark red toned purple. This one was a stunner! I was totally amazed by the beautiful color, the great and opaque formula and the spectacular holographic effect. Although I haven't tried out every polish from this collection yet, I think this is my favorite so far (well, Nostalgia (H) was amazing as well, but you should know that purple is my favorite color). 
The formula was really awesome and this could be a one-coater for many of you, but I chose to apply two coats for the photos below.

For this nail art I created a gradient using these two gorgeous holographic shades by ILNP - Dreaming In Violet and Kings & Queens. Although the gradient was beautiful on it's own, I wanted to add something to it and so I stamped the Lily flower image from Bundle Monster BM-314 plate with Konad's White stamping polish. I took the photos before applying the top coat because I was a bit afraid of messing it up (lucky I did because I ended up smearing some parts of the stamped design).
I ended up loving this nail art soooo much! It was really easy to create this look and it was just spectacular thanks to the beautiful holos from ILNP.

I hope you liked my nail art and the new holographic shades from ILNP Spring collection. There are more to come from this collection, so be sure to check the blog again soon.
ILNP is also having an amazing GIVEAWAY for the entire spring collection, so don't miss this amazing opportunity!


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  1. OMG! LOVE! The polish and the stamping - First Class! :) x

  2. OMG Kings & Queens look SO pretty! and your pictures are just amazing *v*)

  3. Wow! Stunning manicure! I would wear this all spring!

  4. AH this holo is GORGEOUS! Also I am INSANELY, insanely jealous of two things 1. you got that stamp to fit on your long nails. 2. you picked it up all the way! My stamp seems to be etched funky. Shame because that floral pattern is gorgeous! Amazing pairing!

    1. Thank you.
      I usually do have this problems with smaller designs, but this one was easy to work with because it doesn't have a square edge on the other end, and this specific design can fir on longer nails as well. I use a squishy white stamper (xl stamper) so it makes transferring images super easy.

  5. Очень понравился голографик! Вариант со стемпингом бесподобен!

  6. Now I need both of those! So pretty. And wow, Konad white really stamps nicely!