PUPA Princess Nude & Princess Paillettes

February 11, 2014

Hi there! In this post I have two lovely colors from PUPA's Princess collection that was released a couple of months ago and just now hit the stores in Israel. I was lucky to get these two polishes in time, before everyone grabs them. I had such a hard time getting my hands on the polishes from the previous collection, and I still didn't get to show them to you. But today I had some time to swatch the new ones I got from the Princess collection, and I really wanted to share them with you.
I would have gladly picked up the entire collection (including the makeup line as well) but since the price always looks a bit expensive for these tiny 5ml bottles (full price is approx $12, but they are mostly sold for half price), I usually pick only a couple colors. I do adore PUPA's makeup and nail polish, I love their colors and the packaging is just amazing, but it's getting a little expensive to buy it all. So this time I picked two colors that I really loved - Princess Nude & Princess Paillettes.

PUPA Princess Nude (225) is a soft peachy creme. I can see why some might thing this is a nude color, but it actually looks more like a peachy pastel to me. I really love this color and these soft tones, I probably have a few in my collection that are quite similar to it like Essie A Crewed Interest. Thinking about it I should probably compare these two sometime.
The formula was nice and I got a nice coverage with two easy coats.

PUPA Princess Paillettes (830) is a pale gold holographic glitter, consists of tiny and large hex glitter. I was really excited to get this one, it was love at first sight! Trust me, it is way more gorgeous in real life. This holographic glitter reflects the light beautifully and it looks like magic in a bottle.
If this glitter look familiar to you, this might be because it looks a lot like Nicole by OPI “Lips Are Dripping Honey” from the new Carrie Underwood collection, but I do believe seeing PUPA's version first a long time ago.
For the photos below I applied one coat of Princess Paillettes over Princess Nude, and topped it with one coat of Poshe.

PUPA's Princess collection includes four colors of nail polish; Nude, Mauve, Green and Paillettes (glitter top coat) and also a Fluffy Velvet Kit with a pink nail polish and a matching shade flocking powder.
I think this entire collection is beautiful, and if I could I would have bought it all. I'm already curious to see the next collection arrive in stores, but this might take a while since it looks we are one collection behind.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I think so too, although this glitter looks great over all colors in this collection. That's why I had such a hard time picking just two colors.

  2. This is a simple and super pretty look!

  3. This peachy color looks really good on you! It would look terribly on me so I only have the glitter on my radar :)

  4. You pull the shade off really well! It looks very feminine :).

  5. Oh my! I hope I can still catch up this collection if I fly to US next month :D