Cirque The Heritage Collection - Sani

April 10, 2014

Hello ladies! Today must be a happy day for the holo lovers, since Cirque finally released their newest collection 'The Heritage' and it's now available for purchase at their site and at various stockists. To celebrate the release of this gorgeous holographic collection I want to show you my first swatch of Sani, a silver foil with a rainbow holographic finish.

Sani by Cirque isn't just a silver holographic polish, but it also has a foil effect when in shade / weak lighting. I think it adds another dimension to this polish and makes it different than other silver holographic shades.
The formula was great as it was with all the colors in this collection - two coats are enough to get an amazing coverage with a strong holo effect.
Capturing the holo beauty of this collection was a bit hard for me, and it was definitely more impressive in person.

Look at this amazing rainbow sparkle! Gotta love a good holo ;)
If you are a holo lover like myself, you wouldn't want to miss out on the Heritage Collection by Cirque.
I will be showing you more of this collection over the weekend, so be sure to stop by!
You can find more info about the Heritage collection and see a sneak peek of the colors in my previous post. Thanks for reading and have a holo day! :)

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  1. Uh Oh... Another polish I need with my purse full of cobwebs! You really do take the most amazing pictures, always a treat to stop by your blog, Natalie! xx

  2. I love that last bottle shot! How holorific!

  3. OMG.
    I thought this was just an ordinary silver holo, and then I came here.

  4. As always, your pictures are perfect ♥.