Swatch & Review: Ga-De Black Sugar

April 05, 2014

Hello ladies! Today I have swatch and review post to share with you, featuring a new release from the Israeli brand Ga-De Cosmetics. Ga-De have released a while back a collection of six sugar effect nail colors (see my review of the Gold Sugar), and in mid March they released an additional black shade with the same sugar effect. I have no idea why they decided on this late release, but hey - I'm always glad to try more of their polish! So let's see the swatches and take a closer look at Ga-De Black Sugar.

Ga-De Black Sugar is a black sugar (duh!) / sand effect polish with a black base and tiny silver glitter. It dries to a gritty finish with a sparkly effect.
It's formula was great, not too thick and not too thin - just right in the middle and very easy to apply.
If you are thinking something like "Hey! Is this a dupe for Zoya Dahlia?!" the answer would probably be "Yes!". I don't own Zoya Dahlia in my collection, but from swatches I've seen - it seems like these are perfect dupes.
I've always wanted a black sand effect nail polish but never got to get one (why?), and this one is pretty great! I'm happy that it is a simple and clean black (well, with silver glitter, but still...) unlike the CHIC Sugar Baby 7 that has some colorful bits in it. I was looking for it since the release and only this week I got my hands on it and had to buy it.

Apperently Ga-De decided to change the brush with this one. I dont' know if this is something permament or not, but it's the first time I see a Ga-De nail polish with this kind of brush. 
Compared to the 'old' brush on the left, the new brush (right) it wider, flat and fan shaped. The old/regular brush of Ga-De is rounded, slim and long - a lot like Essie's brush.
I have to admit that as soon as I opened the bottle and discovered this brush I was like "Oh no!" because I really (really!) love Ga-De's brush, and generally I prefer a slim brush over a wide one.
But... When I actually applied the nail polish to the nails with the new brush - I was pretty impressed. It allowed me to apply the nail polish perfectly with barely any cleanup needed. That was a pleasant surprise! I still haven't made up my mind about this brush, I think I'll wait and see if any new colors will be released with it, and if so - I would like to try a creme formula with the new brush to make up my mind.

I really loved this one and glad I got to try it. I actually planned on showing you this polish with a clear top coat on but I realized I forgot to do so only after I removed it, and I was kinda lazy to apply it again. I tried it just now over one nail and it looks really nice! The top coat (2 coats required for smoother finish) added a lovely shine and made the black appear darker and richer. It looked like a starry sky at night, really beautiful!
I'm curious to see if Ga-De will release any new colors and finishes soon, but mostly I'm curious to know which brush will they come with. 
Hope you liked this post, I would love to hear what you think about this nail polish. Do you think it could be a perfect dupe for Zoya's Dahlia?

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  1. Its nice! It looks very edgy to me.

  2. Oh my... love it!
    My kind of polish :)

  3. I've never heard of this brand but now I'm curious to try something.
    This polish is just a simple black textured one but hey, I can't get enough of such varnishes! It's amazing and I may say yes, it could be a brother for Dahlia :)

  4. Wow, this nail polish looks so amazing!

  5. I love textured nail polishes and this one is gorgeous! :-)

  6. I have Dahlia but it's still in my untried drawer. I REALLY hope this is a dupe for it because it's gorgeous!

  7. Awwwwww what a beauty! Your pictures are just amazing, you make me want every single nail polish you show :D

  8. Such a beautiful, rich color. Like a starry sky. I have a similar textured polish by Kiko and love it. Seeing that brush I would've had that same reaction. Who finds those easy to use? And I have big, long nails!

  9. how amazing are the photos? another awesome review!

  10. I loved this nail polish.
    And also your whole blog.
    Beautiful nails, polishing, layout, content...
    I'm in love for everything here.

  11. לק מהמם, ציפורניים מופלאות ומברשת שמנמנה כלבבי. מה עוד אפשר לבקש?