Nail Polish Review: Poshinality - Mysterious

April 21, 2014

Hello ladies! Today I want to introduce you to a new nail polish brand based in Los-Angeles, CA which is called Poshinality. This unique and interesting mane is a combination of two words: Polish + Personality. If you are like me, always curious and excited to discover new nail polish brands, this post might just make your day. I was super excited to try this nail polish that Poshinality brand sent me for review, and I'm glad to share with you my impressions about it in today's post. Read on to find more about this new brand and see swatches of the color Mysterious.

First let's get to know Poshinality a bit better!
POSHINALITY is a line of nail colour inspired by individuality and style.  Launching 40+ shades which are a variety of cremes, glitters, vibrant bright and dark hues, POSHINALITY celebrates originality through its growing color palette, naming each colour after styles of fashion and personality types.  A straightforward summation of our brand is this:  Polish + Personality = POSHINALITY. 
With long-wearing and chip-resistant colour, each .43 fl oz bottle provides perfect application and durability.  Additionally POSHINALITY is vegan and toxin-free, containing no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP or camphor.   

Lear more about Poshinality here.

Poshinality - Mysterious, direct sunlight

The color I got to review is Mysterious; it's described as a black multiglitter, but I think some of you might agree with me that a 'scattered holographic' is a more appropriate name for this effect. I would also describe the color as an ashy dark brown rather than a pure black color. In any case, this color was very interesting to me and I didn't own anything like it in my collection.
The formula appeared a bit on the sheer side with the application of the first coat, but it looked surprisingly nice with just two coats. I think you can get a darker effect if you layer three layers in total, but for the photos I used only two coats (no top coat).
Another thing that I really loved about this formula is how glossy and shiny it looked, almost as if I applied a top coat over it. It's not something I see very often with holographic shade, and I really liked it about this formula. I cant say if it's like that with the entire color range since I only tried this one color, but hopefully it is!

I found this color to be very interesting and unique. I think there's something really nice about such colors that aren't very common in most brands. 
The scattered holo effect in this color was very nice, sadly it didn't translate to the photos in all it's glory, but I hope you can get a better look at it in the bottle shots.
I wish the the formula was a bit more pigmented, although I managed to get it to look even and nice with just two coats, and the fabulous glossy finish was a great surprise.

Poshinality - Mysterious, in-direct sunlight

Poshinality offer over 40 different colors in creme, shimmer and glitter effect. You can find their nail polish range at their online shop, including Mysterious which is featured in this post.
The bottles contain .43 fl oz (~12.7 ml) and retail for $9.5. Shipping currently available to the US, Canada, UK and Mexico, but when I checked with them about international shipping options I got notified that they are making modification to their shipping policy to make it available worldwide. So if your location isn't listed on the site, I would advice contacting them (here) to arrange your order.

I hope you enjoyed my swatches and review of Poshinality Mysterious, and got to know this new brand a bit better. Thanks for reading and have a great week!
You can also check Poshinality on their social media links below.

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  1. What a gorgeous colour :o I love scattered holographic glitter!

  2. It looks nice! thanks for introducting me to this new brand.

  3. A dark brown holo? Very unique. This needs to be added to my collection i think!

  4. Fantastic polish and I love the subtle holo effect of it!

  5. Wow, this is such a pretty colour! I never see any nice brown nail polishes, but this is gorgeous!

  6. Wow! :D I love this! It's so perfect! :)

  7. This polish is amazing, what for an intriguing colour!
    ....and my WL grows longer.

  8. This really reminds me of one of the versions of OPI My Private Jet! So gorgeous!