Glitter Gal Love Bite & Mozzie Bite

April 24, 2014

Today I have two new shades from the latest Blooming Babes spring 2014 collection by Glitter Gal to share with you. The Blooming Babes collection consists of 4 cremes, 1 holographic shade and their famous Gloss Boss top coat which I reviewed on the blog before.
The colors I'm going to review in this post are Love Bite (red holographic) & Mozzie Bite (berry creme). Keep reading to find out more about these two gorgeous shades!

Love Bite is a gorgeous red holographic shade. 
With a great pigmented formula and an amazing holo effect, I think this must be the winner of the Blooming Babes collection. I've been hunting for the perfect red holo color for a long time, and I think this is it!
As usually, capturing the beauty of holos can be a bit tricky, so here as well the holographic effect was way stronger in person. Below is two coats of Love Bite.

Mozzie Bite is a lovely berry creme. The formula is described as creme, but I think it was more like a crellly (creme-jelly). The color appears more pink in the photos because of the strong natural light, but in the shade it leans to a darker pink tone.
Although it seemed a bit sheer with the first coat, the second coat evened out and I got a satisfying coverage with just two coats. The finish was super glossy and beautiful even without a top coat.
For the swatches I applies two coats of Mozzie Bite.

The Blooming Babes collection will be available for purchase on site starting May 1st. The colors in the collection are: Good On Ya - Pastel green, Mozzie Bite - Pink berry, Bikini Babe - Light pastel pink, Nuddy Nude - Light nude, Love Bite - Red Holographic, Gloss Boss Top coat.
Glitter Gal nail polish retails for rrp $9.95 for creme colors (10ml), rrp $11.95 for holographic shades and rrp $14.95 for the 'Gloss Boss' top coat (15ml).

The Glitter Gal range is available for purchase at the online store - USA, Canada & South America Customers | Australian &Rest of the World Customers. There are also online stockists that carry Glitter Gal polishes, so there are a lot of places to get your favorite Glitter Gal polishes from.
Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend!

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  1. That holo one is gorgeous! Gotta love a good creme too :)

  2. Love Bite is gorgeous! Great photos!!!

  3. They're both gorgeous *__* I sincerely cannot choose among them, the holo is stunning and that creme is so glossy..... <3

  4. Love Bite is a wonderful red holo! The red looks very pigmented.

  5. I am a big holo polish fan and this one is gorgeous indeed, but I love the creamy finish of the red Mozzie Bite!

  6. These colors look gorgeous! Hard to believe the first coat of Mozzie Bite was sheer, it looks so opaque!
    Love how you captured them!

  7. These swatches are amazing ♥ (as always)

  8. I love that pink creamy colour, but the holo is simply gorgeous! :-)

  9. We love your swatches - the bottle shot is amazing, thanks from the Glitter Gals themselves Kerry & Annax

  10. Love Bite is Amazing. Simple and gorgeous look. We prefer this nail art daily wear and in office also.