KIKO 255 Violet Microglitter

April 19, 2014

Happy Saturday! Today I want to give you a closer look at the polish I used with the Dance Legend Glitter Base in my previous review post, which was KIKO 255 Violet Microglitter. This nail polish was one of my biggest lemmings, and I think looking at these photos makes it easy to understand why I had to have it...
So let's get a closet look at this beautiful nail color by KIKO!

KIKO 255 (Violet Microglitter) is a gorgeous dark purple base with a mix of small and tiny silver holographic glitter. This one is so pretty and the holo glitter doesn't even shows as nice in the photos as it was in real life. I wish there was a better way to capture this beautiful holo sparkle...
The formals was very nice, nicely pigmented and packed with a generous amount of glitter. It dried with a slighty gritty finish because of the tiny glitter in it, but one coat of top coat fixed it.
In the swath photos I have two coats of KIKO 255 and one coat of PUPA's Gel Top Coat which I'm really loving lately thanks to it's gorgeous glossy finish.

I just love the gorgeous holo bits in this nail polish, they are so sparkly and beautiful in the sun! I think this is definitely one of my favorite purples in my stash, and writing this post made me realize that I really love this brand and actually don't have that many from it in my stash. Now I'm thinking I gotta get me some more KIKO products, especially now when I'm really into cosmetics and beauty produces, especially when KIKO have so many beautiful and great products to offer!
I hope you enjoyed this post and liked my swatch. I would love to hear your recommendations for any products and nail colors that you like from this brand, and hopefully I get to try them as well. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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  1. This polish is amazing.
    I have over 20 Kiko polishes already and I love them all :)

  2. Love this Polish. I need to wear it again soon.

  3. он особенно хорош на длинных ногтях!
    и совсем на мне не держался((
    и пуповский топ я тоже люблю))

  4. How often did I swatch the colour in the Kiko shop? I don't know .. too often. I was always like... meeh, in real you will not notice this nice multiglitter much, so what, you don't need it (like the other tonns of polishes you own??), you will not wear it.. bla bla, but this pictures are awesome. What kind of inner voice talked to me, please? Next time I will be near to the Kiko store I will run into it and first thing I do is to put this nice shade into my Kiko shopping bag. Colours are always depending on the mood you're in, but this is no excuse why I don't have this colour yet. I am willing to learn. Thank you for the illumination ;)
    Your blog and pictures are very nice and pro, also your nails <3

  5. Gorgeous swatches!! This is one of my all time favourite nail polishes and my favourite one from Kiko! :)

  6. Beautiful color! Reminds me a little of Zoya Aurora in a darker version.
    One of my favorite Kiko polishes is 389 mint milk - it's a bright creamy mint color that I absolutely adore! I also love the Mirror polishes for stamping

  7. One of the most particular Kiko nail polishes from the permanent collection. I own almost all of their nail polishes since I live in Italy and I've started buying them may, many years ago. Good quality and cheap price, can't beat that! You don't have any stores nearby, do you?

  8. Aaah, lovely pictures, I love how smooth it looks!

  9. Gosh! I want it so much!!!
    it's wonderful!!!

  10. Such a unique and beautiful colour! :)

  11. This is such a beautiful purple color. Where can we find Kiko polishes? I would be visiting london next month. Can these be found at London?

  12. This is just my kind of polish! And I just learned to know that Kiko now is shipping to my country :)

  13. 255 has been one of my first Kikos years ago. I just picked it up from the display with a couple of other purple bottles...once worn it's been love at first sight......and I think you know what I mean!
    A real surprise, I didn't imagine it would have looked this way when I got it!

  14. I have many Kiko nail polishes and this one is gorgeous! :-)