FUN Lacquer - The 4 Seasons Collection

April 02, 2014

Today I have another FUN Lacquer swatch post to share with you, this time featuring the thermal 4 Seasons Collection. This collection consists of four fun and colorful thermal polishes that describe perfectly the four seasons of the year.
The colors in the collection are (L-R) Purple Crocus, Fall to Winter , Do You Be-Leaf in Magic & Sandcastle. Keep reading if you wish to get a closer look at these beautiful color changing thermal polishes!

The 4 Seasons thermal lacquers have a relatively similar formula - They dry to a matte finish that is not completely smooth to touch, but a top coat smooths them out and enhances the shimmer and glow in them. Purple Crocus & Sandcastle have a ticker formula and their warm state color is quite sheer on the nails, while Fall To Winter & Do You Be-Leaf in Magic are on the thinner side. I think you don't need more than 2-3 coats of these colors to get a good opacity, but a top coat is a must with these. For my swatches I am wearing two coats of each polish and a top coat.

Purple Crocus is a purple thermal polish with pink/lavender shimmer. It turns from lovely pastel purple when cold and sweet lavender pink when warm with some touch of sparkly pink/purple shimmer.
This was such a beautiful color combination, I really love the soft lavender tone combined with the purple tips. Although the formula was on the thick side, I managed to apply it evenly and without much trouble.
The warm state of this color is a bit lighter than it shows on my nails (my hands were cold when I swatched this collection and apparently dipping them in warm water wasn't enough), and it appears to be more sheer on the nails. 
Below is two coats of Purple Crocus with top coat.

Fall to Winter is a duochrome satin finish thermal polish with color changing shimmer. It change from a midnight blue when cold and a purplish taupe when warm.
This was also a very interesting color combination to be, I would have never though that these two colors could look so nice together! Here I had a better application thanks to the thinner formula. 
Below is two coats of Fall To Winter with top coat.

Do You Be-Leaf in Magic is a duochrome thermal polish. It changes from a gorgeous green when cold and a stunning olive green/gold when warm.
At first I didn't think that I'm going to love this color since I'm not a huge fan of green on my nails, but this thermal polish changed to a beautiful shimmery gold shade that I just couldn't resist.
It has a beautiful, almost metallic shine to it, and the pigment is really great in this color, I think the best from this entire collection.
Below is two coats of Do You Be-Leaf in Magic with top coat.

Sandcastle is an orange thermal with gold shimmer. It turns from a sunset orange when cold and beautiful white/gold when warm.
I really liked the transition of this shade, changing from a soft golden peachy shimmer to a a vibrant orange. Sandcastle was similar to Purple Crocus in it's formula and the relatively sheer warm stats color, leaving me eager for a more pigmented yet thinner formula.
Below is two coats of Sandcastle with top coat.

Overall I think that this is a great thermal collection, it's super fun and the colors are just beautiful.
I think my favorite must be Purple Crocus, although Fall To Winter is a very beautiful color with an interesting effect, so it was pretty hard to decide.
I think that the formula could have been a bit better and I wish that the warm state of these colors was a more opaque, although taking in mind that the color is buildable (if you got patience), and the fast drying formula here comes in handy.

The 4 Seasons collection by FUN Lacquer available at their store in mini (7ml / $7.8) and full size (16.7ml / $13.2) bottles, FUN Lacquer offer worldwide shipping.
Also be sure to check their social media for more of their beautiful nail polish swatches and releases.

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  1. awesome transitions! Very beautiful!

  2. How pretty! I love how drastic the color change is too.

  3. Totally in love with all of them!!

  4. Wow, these are awesome! I have a thing for thermal polishes and can't resist them somehow ;) My favorites are Be-leaf is magic and Fall to winter. Lovely swatches!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I tried my first F.U.N Lacquer thermal this week (Beautiful Mistake) and I recognize the thick formula. I can assure you a drop or 4-5 of thinner reeeally helps and allows you to build up in 3 thin coats, which makes it less sheer (the warm state of this particular one is white so at 2 it would be sheer too!).

  6. Beautiful! :-) I love Purple Crocus! :-)

  7. Gorgeous! Why is there nothing like this in Germany ... ;~;