Swatch & Review: Glitter Gal - Transfusion

April 03, 2014

Today I have a quick swatch post for you ladies, this time featuring a stunning holographic nail polish by Glitter Gal in the shade Transfusion. I got this one along with my other sample polishes from Hypnotic Polish store and I was so excited to finally try it out! This nail polish and it's holographic effect are way too amazing to describe in words, so I'll let the swatch photos to speak for themselves.

Glitter Gal Transfusion is an amazing dark purple plum tone with holographic effect. This color and the rainbow holo effect just blew my mind away! I love how deep and rich the color of this polish is, and I just couldn't take my eyes of it. The holo effect was very strong even in indirect sunlight, and in the shade you can enjoy it's beautiful dark purple plum tone. 

The formula was easy to work with and very pigmented. I needed two coats to get a perfect coverage.
It dried a bit dull and I wanted to try a top coat over it, but I just couldn't locate my Glitter Gal Gloss Boss top coat (that was created especially to work over holo polishes and doesn't dull their effect) so I skipped it for the swatch. Although the finish wasn't as glossy as I like it, it didn't bother me much because the holo effect was amazing with this one.

I hope you enjoyed this (short) post and liked the swatches of Glitter Gal Transfusion. This nail polish is available at Hypnotic Polish Store and on their Facebook Shop (worldwide shipping available) along with many other indie brands from around the world.
Find more about Hypnotic Polish at my previous review post.
Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. I liked it a lot! I'm really into purple lately and glitters are my latest obsession! Remind me a little bit of alias by color club, but brighter!

  2. Oh! Incredible nail polish! And so are your pictures! :))

  3. I love your pictures but I know for sure that I won't like this one on me ;)

  4. It looks amazing! I wanted Dance Legends Optical Illusion to be like this but it was more pink than I thought.

  5. I'm in love with these Aussie holos, I've got some and I wish I had them all *___*
    This purple is a real stunner!

  6. Wow, this is stunning! You had me holo but then mentioned Worldwide shipping! I'm on it :-)

  7. The holo effect is really amazing and the colour is gorgeous! :-)

  8. Beautiful color and perfect swatches! *.*

  9. The pictures still look perfect, even without topcoat!