Dance Legend Glitter Base Review

April 17, 2014

Hello again! I'm back with a new review post, this time I got to try the Glitter Base by Dance Legend which I got a while back from Hypnotic Polish. I was thrilled to try this special base coat, especially since everyone has been posting about OPI's Peel Off Base Coat. So let's see how the Dance Legend Glitter Base worked out for me.

The Glitter Base by Dance Legend is a special base coat that allows you to apply any glitter nail polish and then simply peel it off once you are ready to remove it.
I have tried a few peel off base coats before (by Essnece and Etude House), including PVA glue, but I was always disappointed since the removal wasn't as easy as I thought it would be and I ended up having some parts of my nails peeled along with the base coat. I was really curious to see how this glitter base from Dance Legend will work for me since I've read really good things about it.

One coat of Dance Legend Glitter Base, 10 minutes after application

I think I should start this review by saying that these peel off base coats react differently on different people (a lot like many other products), since we don't all have the same nails. I believe that I have experienced some problems with other peel off base coats since I have relatively dry nail beds. For some of you this type of base coat can just pop off when you're not expecting it, and some of you might have a to struggle with it to remove it from your nails.

The Glitter Base looks a lot like PVA glue in a bottle and has a white milky consistency. Unlike other peel off base coats I've tried before, this one doesn't smell like glue but it's actually scented which was a pleasant surprise. Before application I cleaned my nails and didn't have any base coat on them.
I applied the glitter Base coat to my nails like I would normally do with regular nail polish, and let it dry completely for about 10 minutes (it dries to a clear finish, slightly sticky to touch). Some nails dried really fast (within a couple minutes) but I preferred to wait until it's completely dry before I applied the glitter nail polish.

I chose to apply KIKO 255 over the glitter base coat since it has lots of glitter in it and also a base color. I applied two coats of the glitter polish and topped it with a top coat. 
I was really curious to see how it will hold up and how's the removal going to be, so I kept with my day as normal, meanwhile washing my hands a lot, doing some dishes, you know - some chores here and there... Eventually I was way too curious so I decided to remove it when the night came.
For removal I used an orange stick, started pushing under the base of the cuticles, and once I lifted that part, it really just pulled up in a big piece - until I got to the free edge of the nail. Damn, I thought it was going so well! Apparently it was glued pretty good to the free edge of the nails, and I had to push and push until I got really frustrated and ceased to enjoy this process. 
I guess it wasn't that bad after all, and as you can see I managed to lift some big parts of the nail polish so it really works. I wish though that it would lift easily from the entire nail and that I didn't have to push it away with force at the free edge.
As for peeling, I noticed some minor peeling at the base of the cuticle on some nails because I was apparently pushing way too hard at first. Once I realized that, I was going easier with the orange stick and it wend better. After all it was my fault and had nothing to do with the base coat, so I guess that's ok.

Overll my experince with the Glitter Base from Dance Legend wasn't that bad and I'm still not ready to give up on this product. I will be defiantly trying this base coat again, next time probably will try to use two coats instead of one, hopefully it will be lifting easier at the free edge.
Among all the peel off base coats I've tried so far, this one was the best, altough it's still not perfect. I will be back updating this post once I'll try use it again.
I think that if you're looking to try a peel off base coat, this one might be a good one to start with. I believe that if you have shorter nails and your nails aren't as dry, this could work better for you you than it did for me.
The Glitter Base Peel Off by Dance Legend is available for purchase at Hypnotic Polish for 9.7 EUR.
I hope you found this review useful, thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice review on it. I haven't tried any of these bases yet but I really want to.

  2. Thanks for the review, I was choosing between this base and Dance Legend Peel Off Express base for removing any kind of nail polish, and I bought the 2nd one. I haven't yet tried it, but it was interesting to read about your experience with the Glitter Peel Off base, I'll see how it goes with the peel off base for all nail polishes, and maybe I'll buy the one you recommend too :)

  3. I've been trying a couple of peel off bases, but i'm experiencing the same issue with each of them: no matter which polish I use on them, they bunch up almost immediately. As if they were textured polishes.
    I think it depends on chemistry, my nails and peel off bases won't probably get on well ever.
    Many years ago I had a sort of peel off base, but it was transparent (not white as PVC glue is) and it really worked. Pity they don't sell it anymore!

  4. Thanks for reviewing, I didn't know Dance Legends had there own version. I think I'll stick with the PVA method though as I'm lucky enough to have it work out fine on me (and is super cheap) That Kiko colour is beautiful though x

  5. Love the review, as usual. very thorough and helpful!

  6. I've been reading the same experience with this type of basecoats on longer nails - maybe the free edge is eve dryer or less oily than the rest of the nail?

  7. Where can you bult it??