Cirque - Xochitl, Powwow & Luminous Owl

April 15, 2014

Today it's time for another holo magnificant post, this time featuring Xochitl, Powwow & Luminous Owl from the Heritage Collection by Cirque Colors.
A couple of days ago I showed you my swatch of Sani, a silver holographic shade (see the post here) and now it's time to get a closer look at three more shades from this collection.

Xochitl is a radiant orchid with a rainbow holographic finish.
Such a gorgeous color, no wonder it's the colors of the year! I love that shade and with the holo effect it's just spectacular. The rainbow effect is much stronger in person but I think you can still see how lovely it is. :)
The formula is great with all the colors in this collection, I applied two coats for the photos below.

Powwow is an electric fuchsia with a rainbow holographic finish.
You can't go wrong with a vibrant fuchsia color and a holo effect. I think I even spotted some blue micro shimmer in this color, so there's even more to love!
Again, superb formula, two coats were applied for the photos below.

Luminous Owl is a warm coral with a rainbow holographic finish.
I would probably describe this color as a soft orange rather than a coral, but here's another great color that surprised me. I don't normally like orange shades, but this one actually looks really nice with my skin tone. Thumbs up for a great orange coral!
I applied two coats for the photos.

I love that all the colors in the Heritage collection are so vibrant and fun, and their formula war really good. I think my favorite from this trio must be Xochitl (well, you already know me, if it's purple and it's a holo - it got me!). I have three more colors from this collection to show you, hopefully I will be posting the next and last post at the end of this week.

The Heritage Collection is available for purchase at Cirque Colors site and at various stockists
Be sure to check my post about the Heritage Collection here and take a look at my previous swatch post of Sani, an amazing silver foil holo shade at my previous post.
Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow!! It's amazing holographics!

  2. These are all so gorgeous! Now that holographics are so easy to come by, gorgeous base colors like this make all the difference in choosing what to get.

  3. Aaaah, gorgeous pictures! If I didn't already own them, your pictures would totally sway me to buy them ^^.

  4. Beautiful photos! My favourite here is Xochitl :-)